Thursday, January 19, 2012

Up Close and Personal

Okay, I just had another experience that kind of surprised me.  I got to be on the sidelines of the Tour Down Under professional bike race.  Go figure!  I have watched several times portions of the Tour De France on television and never thought I would see something like that in person.  This event draws riders and spectators from all over the world.  Goolwa is one of the towns the tour passes through on it's third leg of the Tour.  On television you get to follow the bikers as they ride the course, you get the bird's eye view of the lead riders and the distance that separates the peloton, in person...not so much.  As you can see from the video the experience lasted only a few seconds. The video doesn't do justice the speed or force of the riders.  I'm sure there are some deep spiritual insights, parallels, or truths that can be drawn from this experience but for now I'm just enjoying the experience and the cool summer breeze in South Australia!

Be Blessed,

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I think I'll take a Mulligan!

Golf, for some it brings thoughts and feelings of relaxation, anticipation, and excitement.  For me, not so much!  I have dabbled in the sport, but find it too slow and very agonizing.  I've never gotten the hang of it, never really understood the technique of it, and really haven't had the time or willing "coach" to lead me from "the rough" to the green of the game!  By description I'm a hacker.  I have on occasion shown greatness on the green for one hole out of eighteen but overall, I choose not to frustrate myself with slices, hooks, dribbles, and going through packets of balls.

One aspect of the game I find intriguing: the Mulligan.  I tried to find the origin of this term and there are many legends surrounding how this term became a standard for "do over!"  Where ever it came from doesn't matter to me, I like it!  Wouldn't it be great if life came with mulligans?  Give the wrong answer on a test...mulligan!  Rear end the guy in front of you...mulligan!  Say too much in a conversation...mulligan!  Retaliate after a deep hurt...mulligan!  A mulligan is in a sense the ability to wipe the slate clean and start over.  However, it's more like a second chance.  With a second chance I can take the experience of what I've just done, hopefully learn from it, make corrections, and take another swing at it.  I find that new years are somewhat like a mulligan...a fresh start, a second chance!  I have the opportunity to take the experiences of the past year, learn from them, make corrections, and take another swing at it!  This is not a new thought, God has pretty much designed life this way and even provided a way for new things to emerge out of past hooks of pain and slices of disappointment.  Jesus declares that he is making all things new again...!  He provides me with the opportunity to take a mulligan and take a second chance (although with me, I think I'm on my 14th or 15th chance in some areas)!

This new year, I'm grateful that God is a God who allows for mulligans.  I look forward to this year and the opportunity I'll have to go for the green.  I do know there will be times I'll swing and land in the rough but when I can, I'll remember the option to use the mulligan to get back on track!

Happy New Year...and to you golfers out there, keep your eye on the ball and take a mulligan for me!