Thursday, January 17, 2013

Someone's @ the Door!

 The view from our front door this am. Great reminder...hmmmm, think I'll "pray." 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

S.O.A.R. in Twenty-13

The first day of Twenty-13 included watching the movie: The Hobbit.  WOW...I am a J.R. Tolkien fan and own the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  I believe The Hobbit will be added to the DVD collection some day.  

The Hobbit is packed full of adventure with a constant tension of survival.  Just when you think all is lost, something or someone steps up to turn the inevitable into a way out!  The Eagles are one of those characters.  They come at just the right time, make their rescue and take their  passengers to a better place.  Each time I see this type of scene I can't help but think of Isaiah 40:31 ...those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles....  I want to soar in Twenty-13.

One of the reoccurring things that I hear from people is the frustration with reading and studying the Bible. I have had the same frustration over the years and it's not from a lack of trying or discipline.  But over the last year I have come across a way to S.O.A.R. when it comes to spending time in the Bible.  I keep a journal and jot down the acronym S.O.A.R. on the left side.  Here's how it works:

S   Scripture: select the passage from the Bible I want to read/study.

Observation: what questions, thoughts, or something that stood out to me while reading the passage?

Attributes: what attributes of God are either mentioned or inferred in this Scripture.    Ask, who is this God?  One of the biggest mistakes I've made over the years has been to approach the Bible with the question: how does this apply to me instead of who is this God.  It's in the character and attributes of God I can then discover who I am and what I am to do. Besides, the Bible is God's revelation to help us know who He is!

Response: based on what I read, observed, and discovered about God, ask: how should I respond?  My response maybe: prayer, an attitude I need to work on, an action I need to take, or a person I need to talk too.

Over the last year, my time in God's Word has become more meaningful and full of revelation of our Great God.  In Twenty-13 I'm wanting to soar to new heights of understanding the God who loves me more than I love myself.

Happy New Year's and get ready to SOAR!