Monday, January 11, 2016

Lessons from Toby

Toby, our Schnoodle has been in our family for over a year now.  The other day I noticed something that made me stop and think.  

I was getting ready to go run. Since Toby first came to our house he has been my running partner.  Toby is part Schnauzer, part Poodle.  Schnauzer's love to run, Poodle's, not so much!

Lately, Toby has been exhibiting more of a Poodle attitude toward running than the Schnauzer side of him. 

It's funny to watch him as he comes to the realization I'm going running and how he tries to get out of going with me: hiding in his kennel, lying down acting as though he's sleeping, dragging his feet, and refusing to go to the door.  

Once he's outside, the Schnauzer in him kicks in and he starts tugging on the leash, ready to go.  As we run, you can tell he is enjoying it.

I can relate. Everyday there are things I have to do that on the outset I don't want to do but once I get started, something happens and I take off like Toby going for a run.  

Now, if I wanted to go spiritual in this post I could draw the comparison that I am a lot like Toby.  While I'm here on this earth I'm pulled between living by the Spirit or the flesh.  But, I'm not going too. That would be just silly, drawing a spiritual lesson from a dog!