Sunday, February 16, 2014


I believe the most godly thing I can do is choose.  The opposite is true as well, the most evil thing I can do is choose.  This isn't an original thought with me but the more I think about the more I believe it's true.  Think about it.  How much of life is boiled down to a choice?  I choose when to eat, what to wear, what time to go to bed, what time to get up, if I'll go to work, and the list is endless.  But it goes deeper than just daily routines to include life altering attitudes, perspective, words, and actions.  It all comes back to choice. 
In the beginning two people had a choice.  Sometimes I focus so much on what they chose verses the incredible fact that they had a choice.  I marvel at the fact that God even in his foreknowledge, knowing what they would choose afforded the first man and woman a choice.  Why?  I believe God, even though He saw heartbreak in giving us choice He also saw the beautiful outcome of what life could be like when we choose wisely...and the choices that lead us to Him.  So, what are the choices I am faced with that may not set the trajectory of all human history but may cause myself and others to be encouraged that take us closer to God?  How about choosing to believe that I can guard my heart and mind from those thoughts that tear down rather than build up?  Or, that the words I choose to speak can bring life?  Or, that simple choice to help someone in need might just change their perspective from thinking no one cares to a hope that life can be different.  It all starts with a choice!  What will you do with this incredible gift of CHOICE?