Monday, June 24, 2013


The mere mention of this word in our house can make a grown man cry and send shock waves through the house!  Moving didn't use to bother me.  In fact, I used to enjoy it...starting over, finding a house, meeting new people, etc.  But when a move takes 4-5 months and spans continents, I have come to the conclusion there is one word for it: YUCK (that's the nice word).  We have been in transition now since January when we started the process of getting rid of things and planning our departure from Australia.  We left the land of OZ the 3rd of April and was living with the bare necessities two weeks before and with a friend for the last week.  I have gotten so tired of lugging suitcases around that I am becoming a firm believer in minimalistic travel.  From April 5th through June 17th we were living out of suitcases and spending time with a lot of family and friends.  Now, we are in a temporary location living with the bare minimum by ourselves until we move into our house July 9th (Ruthann's birthday...beat that for a birthday present)!   

Don't get me wrong, we have been truly blessed by all those who have hosted, invited, put up with, and made arrangements for us over the last several months.  But, there is something about being settled in your own space...I'll let you know what that feels like again in a few weeks!  During this time God has blessed us, surprised us, ambushed us, and taught us some lessons on living in community.  We are richer for the experience.  I have learned that no matter where I live there are great people and opportunities to serve.  I also have learned that I really don't want to move again anytime in the near future...say 15 years at least!!!  I still don't like MOVING, but I am starting to anticipate what life will be like as we unpack and settle in.  NOW if we could just get our freight shipment from Australia!!!