Saturday, July 27, 2013


Why is that so hard sometimes?  When I have something that is adequate and works why do I think I need something better or more?  The past 5 weeks I have been in more shops (stores) than I have in the last two years combined. I have even made multiple trips to the same store in the same day!  Some of you think that would be nirvana! Setting up a house for the second time in two years can be exhausting.  At first you think, "how fun."  But marathon shopping after marathon shopping and assembling virtually everything you buy, I'm ready to just be!  Although, I am getting quite versed in putting bolts, washers, and nuts together.  I've come to the conclusion that two of those contentment busters is spending time in a store and looking through the local ads.  

How do you do it?  How do you remain content in a world that screams: "you've got to have more!"  We're in this together and like Paul told Timothy, godliness with contentment is GREAT gain!  Contentment is really more about the state of my heart than the state of my bank account/ contents I own.  The question I need to ask is: "is there something missing in me than is driving this lack of fulfillment?"  Hopefully, as I age I am learning that the only real fulfillment comes from the One who is more than enough for me...Yahweh-yireh.  He is the God who will provide!  I'm grateful He is and does.  How about you?