Friday, April 26, 2013

Ode to OZ

Australia, just the mere mention of this country elicits a variety of comments by so many people.  When we began the adventure of moving to Australia it seemed like 95% of American's responded with: "that's one place on my bucket list to visit."  After living there for two years I would say EVERYONE should take an opportunity to travel to this amazing country.  The beauty of the place, the mystic of the culture, and the spirit of Aussie's are what makes this country gorgeous!

I must say, I don't think I'll miss the spiders, the constant thought of looking out for snakes, or the ever present head wind when running or riding my push bike.  But I have already missed fish and chips, gazing on the ocean, and knowing if my thong breaks where to pick up more!!!

People have asked: "what do you think you'll miss the most about Australia?"  That's easy...our dear friends.  It's amazing how quickly the bond of friendship was established.  The beauty of connecting with people who loved life, loved God, and loved adventure is permanently embedded into my heart.  I know I was an alien/foreigner in the country, but there is a part of my heart that is now Australian.  As time continues to tick by the minutes that we have left OZ, the memories and love for the country and people is still strong.  THANK YOU Australia for two years of life!  THANK YOU friends for your love, time, and your presence as we journeyed life together.  My life has been blessed and made much richer because of you.