Sunday, March 2, 2014

Leaders Lead and Leaders Make Decisions!

Spring training for baseball has begun.  I must admit I'm not a huge fan but am intrigued with the fact that a professional baseball player can make millions of dollars with a lifetime batting average of .350.  That's a little better than 33% success rate.  I wonder how many leaders would get by with that type of average in making successful leadership decisions.  

Today was one of those days when being a leader called for stepping up to the plate and taking a swing at a decision. One word that sums it up: WEATHER.  So far in 2014 we have had 8 Saturday/Sundays with significant snow.  This past week the weather forecast for Sunday predicted ice/ sleet/ snow totaling 7-10 inches. So, come this morning a decision needed to be made regarding whether or not services would be held.  After an hour of assessing the situation, driving roads, and consulting 7 people I decided.  Many decisions leaders need to make don't come with easy to follow steps that give you immediate feed back on if the decision is good or bad.  When it comes to the weather, hindsight is nearly 20/20.  But the important lesson I learned today, do the necessary work, pray, seek input and make a decision.  I'm not going to bat 1000% on all my leadership decisions but I hope it will be said of me that I at least I showed up to the plate and decided.  For today, I can rest in the fact that even if the forecast didn't pan out like expected, I stepped up to the plate and swung!

The decision?  Services were cancelled...a swing and a...decision!  Leaders lead.