Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When Should You Buy a New Computer?

With the speed of new technology accelerating, a question I've had is: when do I update my computer?  Some will say the only way to go is to lease but when the dollars are limited, leasing can be a little pricey!  So, here's my answer to the question: when should you buy a new computer?  Two weeks after I do!  Five years ago we converted to Apple when I brought home a 17" IMac, 2 weeks later the new 21" IMac's were introduced at the same price as what I paid for the 17".  Two weeks ago we decided we should go ahead and replace one of our computers and so I did the research and decided to get a 13" Mac Book Pro notebook.  I was able to order it online, have it shipped to my brother who will be arriving in Australia with my computer this Friday.  What a surprise to find out THIS MORNING that Apple just released a NEW VERSION of the Mac Book Pro...faster, sleeker, with added features for the same price as the model I JUST BOUGHT!  SO, when should you buy a new computer?  Feel free to click "buy now".  You'll get a good deal!