Monday, October 27, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

A tradition in our house over the years has been picking out three pumpkins and taking an evening to “show off” our artistic abilities at the expense of an innocent, non-assuming, gourde.  These pumpkins didn’t ask for this treatment, nor did they have anything to say about the final face or state of being that was bestowed upon them.  Then, before they know it they are on the front porch with a light inside announcing to the neighborhood their creator’s artistic abilities or lack there of. 

This year, each one of us chose a different path for their pumpkin creation.  Ruthann decided to stay with a simple, traditional approach to the standard pumpkin face.  Natalie, picked up a power tool and explored the realm of creative expression via a cord-less drill (She is her father’s daughter!).  I began an extensive search on Google for that challenging, yet doable face that would amaze the neighborhood.  What resulted were three very different yet very similar creations.  Each one shows the artist’s rendition of what they pictured the pumpkin to be, different but yet all very similar.  They are still pumpkins no matter how we “sliced” them.  We could not change that fact.  No matter how simple, complex, or abstract the carving, they all allowed the light to shine through them.  Here’s a side note:  Not once in the creation of or after we were done did any one of the pumpkins complain, question, or refuse the artist’s work!

I’m not going to be Captain Obvious at this point and talk about the similarities between pumpkins and people.  Or, the significance of us being the creation of a loving, creator God. My take away from Carving Pumpkins is this: Do I trust God with how He’s “carved” me?  And, will I allow His light to shine through me wherever He places me?

Shine on Pumpkin Heads!